How building managers can select products that will best protect floors

The important thing for building owners is first to be aware of peculiar floor problems and then select floor cleaning solutions that can efficiently clean without using harmful ingredients, cleaners that are too acidic, or that are too high in pH.

Another thing building owners and managers can do, along with cleaning professionals, is to be able to select all types of cleaning solutions based on specific needs. They should be able to find particular types of products to clean and maintain specific types of floors and compare them to similar products.

They should work with astute janitorial distributor. When it comes to addressing floor care issues and many other types of cleaning challenges, a distributor should be able to recommend cleaning solutions as well as cleaning procedures that can help solve a variety of cleaning problems as well as prevent floor failure.

There are many causes of floor failure with poor installation typically at the top of the list. It should not be caused by cleaning. By selecting the right products and working with an experienced janitorial distributor, everything will be fine

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