How building managers can select products that will best protect floors

The important thing for building owners is first to be aware of peculiar floor problems and then select floor cleaning solutions that can efficiently clean without using harmful ingredients, cleaners that are too acidic, or that are too high in pH. Another thing building owners and managers can do, along with cleaning professionals, is to […]

Focusing on facility service quality over cost pays

Outsourcing services is a good way to reduce costs, improve the occupant experience and free up time to focus on business growth. Businesses should not make the mistake of choosing a facility/settlement service provider based on cost alone, but also on quality to improve the quality of your facility. Working with a quality-oriented quality service […]


Local foods taste better (Quick info)

“Anyone with a garden can attest to this fact. Just like homemade bread beats the store bought variety, wholesale vegetables and fruits just don’t compare to local garden goods.” Lorri Mealey, Read more at

Local foods are fresh (Quick info)

“Local foods travel a fraction of that distance and still maintain their appearance, taste and nutrients, without any bioengineering. And good looking food is a good thing, since customers eat with their eyes first.” Lorri Mealey, Read more at

Reasons restaurants should buy local foods

Restaurants are turning to fresh, flavorful foods. These are reasons restaurants should buy local foods: Local foods are fresh Local foods taste better Local foods support local economies Local foods are great for restaurant marketing Local foods let you be creative with your menu Local foods are not as expensive as you think Local foods […]