Health and Safety Policy Statement

SVSS Health and Safety Policy Statement

The management of SVSS Company Ltd. is committed to this  Health and Safety Policy  which enables  all its activities to be carried out safely and with all possible measures taken to remove  risks to the  health, safety and welfare of workers, sub  – contractors , authorised visitors and anyone who may be  affected by  the company’s operations.

We are committed to quality of service whilst also minimising the  effects of the  company’s  activities on  the  health  an d  safety  of  both  employees  and  non – employees .  Throughout  our  activities,  SVSS  Company Ltd. will ensure the following:

  • Work  will  be  carried  out  i n  accordance  with  the  relevant  statutory  regulations and  that all  activities  will  be  conducted  with  regard  for  individual  health,  safety  and  welfare  of  both  employees and non  – employees;
  • To set and maintain high standards of food safety and hygiene, including all services that th e  company provides at all times;
  • To identify hazards, assess risks and implement control  measures ;
  • To  ensure  that  staff,  clients  and  visitors  are  adequately  informed  of  risks  and where  appropriate receive instruction, training and supervision ;
  • All new staff will receive health and safety  training as part of the induction process and given  refresher training annually ;
  • To undertake audits periodically ;
  • To ensure that those individuals given responsibility regarding Health and Safety within the  various  areas  of  work have  adequate  time,  resources and  facilities  to  carry  out  their  responsibilities ; and
  • Review this policy periodically. Management is committed to the health and safety of both employees and non – employees.


Yaw Britwum Opoku

General Manager

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