Focusing on facility service quality over cost pays

Outsourcing services is a good way to reduce costs, improve the occupant experience and free up time to focus on business growth. Businesses should not make the mistake of choosing a facility/settlement service provider based on cost alone, but also on quality to improve the quality of your facility. Working with a quality-oriented quality service provider helps you achieve goals such as sustainability, occupant satisfaction and cost control. By providing best practices, quality-focused facility/infrastructure service providers avoid unpleasant surprises and accidents that could be costly in the long run.

A quality-focused facility service provider will bring value through expertise, efficiency, customer service, innovation and smooth operations.

Expertise. Installation service tasks can be simple, but delivery by an expert makes a big difference. Choosing a provider with expertise in these areas will help you achieve these goals more effectively.

Efficiency. The cheapest option may be the least effective. Low-cost suppliers tend to reduce training costs, equipment and security protocols to take advantage of their low prices. This can result in higher costs due to equipment malfunction, poorly trained personnel and unsafe practices. An expert will use standard operating procedures that reduce labor costs and prevent accidents at the same time.

Customer service. Sometimes occupants in a building may need to report a spill or ask for directions, and their interaction with maintenance workers will affect the business (you). Partnering with a vendor who values customer service ensures that these interactions are a positive experience.

Innovation. Companies want to innovate. It is important to distinguish between passing fashions and really valuable investments. Working with a quality-oriented service provider allows your company to benefit from its tactical expertise. They take a proactive approach to ensure that their training, staffing and service delivery contribute to making your innovative vision a successful reality.

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